V 2 . o Rainbows and Unique-corns

Hello and welcome to the little waste of cyberspace known as Appledust. I'm Lejla - an art student from Canada, who dabbles in all sorts of stuff including making fun, personal websites to satisfy my inner coding nerd. This domain has gone through some crazy evolutions, but now its just a sort of mix of things which it once was.


Navigation is up above this textbox, and if you want to listen to the tune of the week, there's a player below in the yellow box c: Other links are scattered around this layout via clickable images, so have fun :p

Eventually I will have loads of content on here, but for now it's going to be kind of bare. This is just a personal dump for stuff I deem worthy/remotely interesting of being on a site, therefore you'll find it more like an online sketchbook/journal instead of an organized, timely blog.