Hello and welcome to the little patch of cyberspace known as Appledust. I'm Lejla, an art major from Canada, and I dabble in all sorts of stuff including making fun, personal websites to satisfy my inner coding nerd. This domain began as a pixel adoptable hub in the early 2000s, and now is just a cute place which reflects who I am and what I'm into (the pixel adoptables are still here though, and I will try to keep making new ones)!

There used to be many other pixel sites back then, but over time everyone left to go on social media sites and the personal website thing lost popularity. The point of these sites was to make little pixel sprites (usually in MS Paint) and other resources for people to use (like backgrounds, icons, dividers) and then "adopt" other pixeller's creations and put them into a "toybox" on your page (find mine under the 'ME' link to the left). Anyways, I really loved the whole community aspect of this and how cute and unique everyone made their layouts and stuff, so I intend to keep this up as a place to relive nostalgia for years to come :) If you want to know more about this site, click here!

Navigation is to the left with the candy hearts. Also feel free to find me on other parts of the web via the links to the top left. This website looks best on a desktop/laptop computer in Google Chrome with pop-ups enabled. Thanks for visiting!